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Our perimeter security systems can be completely self sufficent with batteries capable of powering the systems for 12 months so there is no need for external cabling or power supplies. This "always on and always ready" perimeter security provides the perfect solution for vacant properties or construction sites where the presence of a power supply is not necessarily guaranteed. All our wireless perimeter security is exceptionally reliable in all conditions and needs almost no human interaction for continued protection.
For remote monitoring of perimeter security we have a comprehensive range of digital CCTV available. With high standards and superb picture quality, all our digital CCTV cameras operate at high resolution with a minimum of 480 tvl. We have digital CCTV cameras that can transmit to a DVR and mobile phone at 8 mega pixels for exceptional quality and zoom ability. These CCTV systems are used in casinos for their exceptional detail.

Protect yourself and your premises from vandalism, property or cable theft with LRSS ltd. For more information on any of our digital CCTV or perimeter security contact us today for friendly impartial advice.
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Specialising in monitoring systems for perimeter security and the prevention of property and cable theft from almost any location.
We strive to supply the most suitable security systems for your individual needs and are happy to work with you to develop specific perimeter security or digital CCTV coverage. With the latest developments in technology we are able to offer wireless CCTV systems for both perimeter security and digital CCTV too.
£225 per week
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With theft from property on the rise, especially metal and cable theft, LRSS Ltd. specialise in the the supply of perimeter security packages that can include electronic sensors and be linked to a dedicated alarm response centre. With construction sites and industrial locations common targets for break ins and cable theft. We have stand alone perimeter security systems that can be deployed in just 30 minutes, and re-deployed as necessary - ideal for building sites and renovation work. We can use discrete sensing to alert our designated security response that intrusion or cable theft is taking place allowing us to intercept the perpetrators before they affect any loss.