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CCTV is an exciting and evolving area of security. At LRSS we keep abreast with current changes and developments in the electronic security market. We do not tie ourselves to one CCTV product or electronic security supplier, which means we specify the best CCTV or electronic security system for the project. Wherever possible we give you security options that suit the security issue and allow you to build a flexible electronic security system within your security budget.
All our CCTV systems are chosen because of their robust build and quality. We want these electronic security systems to last. We are able to offer budget CCTV or electronic security systems but we will always be transparent showing best fit security to an agreed budget security system. We will always endeavour to ensure your security system can grow and will never sell outdated CCTV products that will provide value for money electronic security.

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All our CCTV cameras are a minimum of 480 tvl and where necessary we can advise on security lighting or use our low light CCTV cameras which can operate in lux levels of 0.0001 or in laymans pitch black! We are also offering CCTV cameras with adaptive infra red which help to ensure a scene or subject is lit in a manner which will allow security recognition.

The majority of our DVR's are all capable of remote monitoring via mobile phones and apps are freely available and can be set up in minutes. Giving you the flexibility to view your CCTV systems wherever you maybe in the world.

Digital CCTV cameras and analytic CCTV systems are the next generation of electronic security offering HD quality CCTV and video security analytics that ensure any security events are dealt with in a timely manner these bespoke CCTV products are an amazing security solution.
The choice of camera will depend on the application and we use Vari Focal cameras which can be adjusted to suit your security problem as it develops or changes meaning no replacement CCTV cameras. We often find what may seem to be the ideal CCTV solution for an electronic security solution at the project outset may not be when the syhstem goes live. We do not want our security solutions to be security problems and the use of these flexible CCTV cameras means you can adjust your CCTV system to better suit your security needs.