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CCTV Help and Glossary

CAT5 - Network cable which can be used for the provision of CCTV
Vari Focal = Adjustable Lenses very good for getting precise framing of an area
We hope our page of common CCTV security terms help with your decision to purchase electronic security (hopefully from us!)
When choosing an electronic security system you need to consider what it is you need the security system to do which are normally Detection Deterrent and Delay. E.G. Detection for the purposes of evidence it needs to be beyond reasonable doubt to be allowable in court, Deterrent Visible security measures help to stop would be thieves from attempting to burgle a property, Delay slowing down and intruder from getting to valuables.
Sometimes the most effective security can be the securing of a gate with a padlock!
DVR = Digital Video Recorder. All data is saved to a hard drive. It is basically a specialised computer interface
Fixed IP = Internet Protocol the address of
computer equipment.
Think of this as a street address
FPS = Frames Per Second. The higher the frame rate the better the image
DPA = Data Protection Act. There are various links to this but in simple terms it is not legal to record people in public areas
LUX = Measurement of available light
GUI - Graphical User Interface a graphical user system to interact with electronic devices
PTZ = Pan Tilt Zoom
A camera that is able to rotate and zoom to areas quite often attached to alarm sensors and programmed to move on an activation
PIR = Passive Infra Red normally associated with CCTV alarm inputs or stand alone alarm sensors
RG59 = Low Loss CO AX Cable commonly used in cctv installations for its durability
Dynamic IP Address - the network identifier issued by an ISP (internet service provider) this number changes and can interfere with remote viewing