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Key Holding and Mobile Patrols

Key holding is a simple cost effective security solution. We hold keys to your premises in our secure location and further secured within our offices. In the event of a break in or emergency we are the first point of call. We will then dispatch our security patrol to your premises and deal with the situation. We can remain on site in case of break in. FREE of charge depending on your level of cover. We are able to offer security spot checks and a full security lockdown service to ensure the security of your premises.

 basic key holding starts from just £0.75 per day
£273.75 per year!
Mobile Patrols

Another cost effective solution allowing you get a visible security presence for a fraction of the cost. Mobile security patrols also include key holding as detailed above.
Our Liveried vehicles and uniformed security guards attend your premises and pre-determined schedules to check the premises security and deal with any issues. This has the benefit of dettering any would be intruders from entering your premises.
Where we differ form other companies is our transparent service we supply and ift an electronic device at no cost to you and each time our security personnel attend your premises they record it this data is then e-mailed directly to you showing the service is being performed.

Key Holding