Monitored CCTV

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Alarm response Centres provide the vital link when using electronic security or CCTV systems. Our ARC is an accredited response centre monitoring all forms of electronic security and CCTV systems. Not all cheap CCTV systems will offer the correct platform for a monitoring service. Neither are all CCTV monitoring services the same for example how many sites does an operative monitor? What accreditaions does the ARC hold? Our ARC holds BS8418 and BS5979 this means you can expect accelerated emergency response and a dedicate Unique Reference Number (URN) for your site which not all security companies offer.
Our Alarm Response Centre is so effective we also offer e-mails of alarm activations to you directly showing the information that we see. Unlike other ARC from larger companies we do not use a minimum of staff to increase dividends but prefer to staff appropriately to respond to alarms quickly and in a timely fashion.
    Remote internet monitoring: at any time you can log-in and view your property via the internet, using secure software from anywhere in the world.
    Hard-disk recording: at all times events are recorded and date/time stamped on a high-quality computer hard-drive. All events can be easily searched for up to several months
 On site observation: you can view live outside activities through a monitor, local computer or your TV. The system warns you when unusual motion is detected.
    Remote audio monitoring: when linked to our interactive monitored alarm system our monitoring station staff can listen in when the alarm is activated.
Prices start from £100 per quarter