Perimeter Security

Our range of stand alone wireless sensors add an extra layer of electronic security. These electronic sensors are used for early detection of intruders. When married to a CCTV system these electronic sensors will give early detection allowing the appropriate action to be taken in a timely manner.
The system is a rapid deployment system allowing the whole electronic security system to be deployed and operational in under thirty minutes. The stand alone security sensors are of a secured by design specification which means they are recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as an accredited security system.
The electronic sensors have been succesfully deployed by the rural police and BT.
These systems should not be confused with other sensors on the market (e.g. CCTV Sensors) these sensors are not influenced by adverse weather conditions the rising or the setting of the sun etc. They use dual beam technology which means anything under 25 kg will not trigger the alarm along with anti masking back up.

In a recent audit over a three month period the sensors returned a success rate of 98.9% reliability and the 1.1% was caused by high winds that had loosened some bulding materials.
We are also happy to work with you the customer we recently added wireless fire alarm and sounders to the product range which no other company currently do at no extra cost.
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