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An opportunists dream full of cable, copper and all the other things so desirable in our current economic climate. What they leave behind is water damage live cables leading to damge and fire risks on your valuable assets. The cost of the cable theft is small compared to the remediation needed to return the building back to its original state.

Stand alone security sensors offer an excellent solution to this problem. They are able to run for a year without mains power or indefinetely where power is available. The stand alone sensors are can be deployed in thirty minutes and offer up to 64 sensor inputs of any type.

We have illustrated the different types of security sensor below but given a short lead time we can adapt any other electronic sensors you may require. We are always happy to offer free advice for your stand alone sensor requirements or any other electronic security needs you may have.

One of the differences between our electronic sensors and our competitors is the construction and operation. Our stand alone sensors use dual beam technology and an advanced detection pattern. This means our security sensors are not prone to false alarms or activation by small animals.
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