Heritage Property Security

Our standalone perimeter sensors are designed to meet the sringent condidtions set out by the Association of Police Officers (ACPO) and has been awarded secured by design. It is an unfortunate reality that stand alone sensors and electronic security is now needed on our heritage buildings. Our electronic sensors are used to get early detection of intruders before damage is done. Our electronic sensors are designed with dual beam sensors which are suited to roofs where wildlife is present, the electronic sensors will not go into alarm until complex algorithims are met... In simple terms the object needs to be over 25 kg! We also set up our perimeter security so that electronic sensors are interlocking which adds a further layer of security and peace of mind. With the beams set up correctly we see more than one alarm triggering which means no more false alarms. Electronic security sensors like car alarms get ignored if they consitently trigger false alarms in a recent audit our sensors returned 89.3 % accuracy the other 10.3% was caused by roofing material that had become loose in high winds.
Our systems are stand alone

Installed and ready in under 30 minutes

Alarms transmitted within seconds

24 hour response centre

Secured By Design

Battery life of up to one year

E-Mails sent to you for
complete auditability
Available to rent or buy
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A range of sensors and sounders are available including:

Flood Alarms
Smoke Detectors
Fire Detectors
Movement Sensors