Building Site Security

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Our sensors offer freedom from traditional security offering reliable security at a fraction of the cost for a security guard. The system is set up to interlink with other sensors. This means in case of an activiation it is verified by a second sensor. When married up to a CCTV secuirty system we can verify an incident giving superb visual images to pass to the police while our mobile securty vehicle responds as well.
As a further saving if the situation can be verified by and dealt with remotely there are no expensive call outs.
We offer short range, long range and internal sensors. We also offer flood, smoke, fire, movement for cable, underground cable protection, sounders and break glass fire panels. These are all wireless and all stand alone. Should you have any other security queries we have not yet thought of we would be happy to look at these.
Our systems are stand alone

Installed and ready in under 30 minutes

Alarms transmitted within seconds

24 hour response centre

Secured By Design

Battery life of up to one year

E-Mails sent to you for
complete auditability
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