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Cable and Fuel Theft

Cable and Fuel theft continue to be one of the most reported crimes.With cable theft costing an estimated 72 million per year! this figure does not incorporate the lost time and remediation such an event causes. We have a standalone sensor system with a battery life of up to one year. The electronic security system can be deployed in 30 minutes and is easily moved and re-deployed as necessary. Up to 64 security sensors of any type can be connected to one security control box and is monitored remotely from a dedicated Alarm Response Centre (ARC). We also supply a smaller electronic security system which is suited to completed projects whilst you await handover.
A typical deployment would see HX40 sensors to give early warning of intruders. Further security is then given by the BUG which is a discrete device that can be placed anywhere. As a result alerts are raised immediately meaning the appropriate security response can be delivered in a timely manner to safeguard your assets. Where possible we also marry a CCTV system which is also remotely monitored any alarms from the standalone security sensors triggers the CCTV system so a trained operator can deal with the incident quickly. This electronic security system eliminates the need for expensive call outs especially where live talk back is used we find this has a dramatic effect on potential intruders by disturbing them early and allowing a speedy security response.
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