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With the advance in CCTV it is now a serious option for home security. Cheap CCTV home systems are available from large retailers. Our home CCTV solutions may not be the cheapest but what we can guarantee is the quality of our CCTV units.

Before you fit a home CCTV system you need to consider is the house already secure. Ensure all windows are lockable gates are secure and there is adequate security lighting to your property. Try to think like a burglar how would you break in, where would you break in and what would put you off breaking in.

Once you have considered these things and wish to go ahead with a home CCTV system then we can help advise on this on a normal house there is no point going overboard as sometimes 2 CCTV cameras will provide excellent security coverage.
  1. Where to place the CCTV cameras – look for good vantage points or specify vari-focal cameras which can adjust to suit your needs

  1. Covert or Overt – Overt CCTV cameras will dissuade a potential burglar, covert may be more in keeping with your property

6. DVR Placement – If a thief knows there is a home CCTV system on a house it is common for them to disable the DVR. We have good solutions for this which I will not write here for obvious reasons
Home CCTV Considerations
  1. Will you use remote viewing – It is great but if you do not need it then don’t pay for it
  2. How many cameras do you need – 4 cameras will normally cover the outside of a house

3. What type of camera – Most cameras can see in the dark but those images are not always crisp enough to provide the police with “beyond reasonable doubt” identification that will stand up in a prosecution
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